Competition Dates



Team Tournaments:

• Men: LM1x, M1x, M2x, LM2-, LM2x, M2-, LM4-, M4-, LM4x, M4x, M8+,

• Women: LW1x, W1x, W2-, LW2x, W2x, W4-, W4x, LW4x, W8+.


There are no restrictions concerning the number of boats. Where no lightweight competition exists medals may be awarded to lightweight crews competing in open competitions. Crews may double-enter at their own risk with regard to the schedule of racing.


DAY 0: September 3, Tuesday

  • Arrival day
  • Accreditation day
  • Training


DAY 1: September 4, Wednesday

  • Training
  • General Technical Meeting
  • Opening ceremony 


DAY 2 - DAY 4: September 5 - 7 (Thursday - Saturday)
  • Competition days 
  • Award & Closing ceremony


Departure: 8 September, Sunday