traffic rules


Jönköping Rowing Club  (in Swedish: Jönköpings Roddsällskap)

Address: Klubbhusgatan 7, Jönköping, 553 03


The length of the course from starting line to finish line is 1810 meters.





There is a long history of rowing races on this lake with the club being established in 1884. More recently there has been  large regattas every year of which the Baltic Cup in 2015 and the Swedish championships in 2017 were the most prominent.



  • Held starts via starting pontoons
  • Behind the starting line there isn't room for boats as the shoreline is close. The starting tower is located on land.
  • To guarantee finest conditions, the lake will be closed for any other activities during the event.
  • Traffic rules regarding training on the lake on the Wednesday , and at other times before and after competition are shown on the schematic on the website and in the technical handbook.
  • Traffic rules regarding warming up and cooling down during competions are also shown on the schematic on the website and in the technical handbook.



  • At the finish line there is maximum 95 meters stopping area (55 meters at the shortest point) .



  • The course has 6 lanes. (It consists of 8 lanes, however lane 3 and 6 are what is called ’false’ lanes as there is a bridge that has pylons in those 2 lanes, hence the course has a total of 6 lanes)
  • It can be noted that this bridge was built to facilitate for this rowing course and for that reason the symmetry and width of the lanes are very good.
  • The bridge acts as a great spectator podium and is an exciting rowing course to row on as the rowers get a clear landmark indicating 250m left to the finish line.
  • All lanes are 14.2m wide including the ’false’ lanes.
  • The wires that go past the pylons of the bridge have a clearance of 2 meters.
  • There are large buoys placed in the ’false’ lanes in front of the bridge to avoid the risk of a rower being in that lane. 
  • The buoys on the rowing couse are red, with the last 250m having white buoys. Each 250m measured from the finish line have yellow buoys.

  • There are also large white buoys marking the 500m marks outside the rowing course.


There hasn't been any problems with the false lanes and the presence of the bridge during regattas. It has been a feature for both rowers and spectators.



  • The rowing course uses the ’albano system’.
  • There is a pontoon area at the finish line for medal presentations.
  • Finish line officials facility area is located in a wagon by the finish line.
  • Beside the finish line wagon there is a regatta office in a temporary location.


Jönköpings Rowing Club area facilitates for:

  • Boat storage
  • Pontoons for getting boats in and out of the water
  • Speed boats for umpires parking area and refuelling
  • Meeting areas for crews and umpires
  • Toilets
  • Warming up and recovery gym
  • Room with umpire for weigh in for lightweight rowers



  • Tuesday training: 9:00-18:00 
  • Wednesday training: 9:00-18:00 
    • During training days, there is open traffic on the water.
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday (race days) Training on the lake is allowed until 30 minutes before the race start and 30 minutes after the last race to sunset.
  • Please note that the safety boat is not on the water during the entire training period.