Population: 93,797

Area: 44.82 km2 


Country: Sweden
Province: Småland
County: Jönköping County
Municipality: Jönköping Municipality


Jönköping municipality is Sweden’s tenth largest municipality. It includes the county town of Jönköping, but also a number of well-known destinations such as Huskvarna, Gränna and Visingsö. The municipality also has a varied and rich natural environment which attracts many visitors.


Jönköping is one of Sweden’s oldest towns (established in 1284) and has a strategic position in southern Sweden. The town has 135,000 inhabitants and 65% of Sweden’s population lives within a 350 km radius. 85% of Sweden’s population can reach Jönköping within three hours. Its geographical position makes Jönköping a logistics centre and natural meeting place for business and knowledge, both nationally and internationally.

The town’s history and local associations have a significant influence on its business methods, which is expressed in a strong entrepreneurial spirit and desire for collaboration. Jönköping County is one of the most highly industrialised regions in Sweden. As a county town, Jönköping is also an administrative centre in the region and the headquarters of government authorities such as the Swedish National Courts Administration and the Swedish Board of Agriculture.
This means that the employment market in the municipality is broad, with around 500 industries, 6200 limited companies and a total of 12,000 companies in the municipality. The majority of these companies consist of small and medium-sized companies, but there are also major multinationals such as Husqvarna and SAAB Combitech.

Jönköping has long experience of hosting major meetings, fairs and events. This is largely due to the fact that one of the country’s largest fair and conference facilities, Elmia, is located in the town. Jönköping is also well known within E-sport as the Dream Hack digital festival is held at Elmia twice a year, in the summer and autumn, with 27,000 participants each time.
As the fair activities in the town have developed, other infrastructure has grown to keep pace. For this reason, Jönköping is one of the best-served towns in Sweden in terms of hotels, and also has a wide range of restaurants.

Jönköping has also hosted a number of major sporting events. In 2011, the semi-finals of the handball World Championships took place here, and during 2016 events have included the World Championships in Muay Thai, and both the Barefoot Skiing and Mountain Bike European Championships. From this season onwards, Jönköping will also play host to one of the qualifying events for IRONMAN 70.3.