Boat Rental Information

Spare the effort, time, and logistics of transporting your boat and rent it onsite from the organizers!  You will be also kind to the environment!


The boat rental form is now closed.


Price of boat rental:

  • Single sculls, 1X: €200/boat
  • Doubles, 2X: €300/boat
  • Pairs, 2-: €300/boat
  • Quad, 4X: €440/boat
  • Sweep, 4-:€440/boat
  • Eights, 8X: €620/boat


The above listed prices include VAT and insurance for the boat. 


The boat rental system is similar to renting a car.


  1. Claim your boat and fill out on-site rental and boat reciept document.
    1. Our representative will inspect the boat with you to document the condition of the boat.
    2. This document will be used when you return the boat after last competition.
  2. Return of boat. Text message or find one of our rental representatives.
    1. Together inspect the boat for any (new) damage.
    2. If no damage, your receipt returned
    3. If new damage, fill out damage form together. Your school will be responsible for insurance deductible.



  • Payment responsible person you name below, will receive a mail with payment information.
  • In addition to boat hire, you will be charged a refundable DEPOSIT, returned to you after the competition when boat has been turned in and inspected.



  • Boats will be rigged and de-rigged by Jönköping personnel. Please: DO NOT RIG OR DE-RIG.
  • Should you not check in your boat properly, your school will be charged an amount equal to the insurance deductible.
  • Boats MAY not be rigged from Sweep to Scull or vice-versa (boats are equipped only with one set of riggers)